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Aurelia 2

    Nuova Simonelli
Introduces the NEW
 Aurelia II
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Thermo-compensated unit with double pre-infusion (soft infusion.

Hot water dispenser with economizer

16 litre boiler

Larger section tubing to increase performance of hydraulic system.

Electronic control to monitor grind profile (Plus)

Double flow control restrictions to regulate water circulation into group head

Programmable on/off controls (Plus)

Self diagnosis system with historical fault data (Plus)

Beverage counter (Plus)

USB connector for computer interface (Plus)

Digital display panel (optional)

Available in 2, 3 or 4 groups with 220V power supply.

Available in semiautomatic (with servo-assisted buttons), volumetric and Plus (with display) versions.
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Models  Net Weight  Gross Weight  Power/Watts  Boiler Cap.  Height  Width  Depth

2 Group 165 lbs.               176 lbs.                  4500 W.          16 litre          21 "         31 "       22 "      
3 Group 194 lbs.               216 lbs.                  5000 W.          21 litre          21 "         40 "       22 "
4 Group         229 lbs.               264 lbs.                  5000 W.          26 litre          21 "         49 "       22 "

No machine on the market today will produce as rich and full flavored espresso shot, and be as user friendly, as the Aurelia. Here are a few more features of our new machine.  Aurelia’s technology for a better shot:
1) Double Preinfusion (Soft Infusion) 

    a. All our units facilitate an industry-leading preinfusion chamber above the grouphead. The Aurelia not             only uses our patented, single preinfusion technology, but also provides a second, inline “pressure                   dropping” mechanism located before the heat exchanger. These “double” features allow the 9 bar                 needed to produce an espresso to drop to 2 bar, presoaking the grounds and then evenly builds                     pressure back to the needed 9 bar. This process allows for more crèma, more aromas to be extracted             while also lowering employee’s possible tamping/grinding errors.
2) Grouphead

    a. The new grouphead, specifically designed for the Aurelia is now the largest and heaviest in the                     industry  made of over 10 pounds of solid brass.

    b. Because of brass’ molecular density, the sheer size of our grouphead and the usage of 2 separate                  hydraulic thermal compensations lines, both the first shot pulled after a 24 hour standstill and the                final shot after a 2000 shot day, will be the same temperature.

    c. Each grouphead can be individually lowered or raised (F & G in lower schematic) even after the unit               has been installed.  Many of our customers ask for two groups to be raised – fits 20oz drinks – and               one group lowered.

    d. Our Self Tamping feature is available on each grouphead, depending on the end-user’s specific needs.

    e. The grouphead has been designed with gigglers in line making the grouphead’s temperature adjustable,
       depending on the end-user’s needs and specifications.
Espresso Machine
3) Boiler 

    a. On the two-group unit, the Aurelia has a 4500w heating element in a 16 liter solid copper boiler. The             three group unit consists of a 26 liter boiler with 5000w’s of heating potential.

    b. The heating element’s programming permits the Aurelia to minutely adjust and regulate the power/heat              it outputs. This allows for and adds too the Aurelia’s ability to produce a dependable,consistent shot              temperature.

    c. Nuova Simonelli manufactures all of our boilers that go into our machines in Italy; thus we are able to             design and create the best boiler for each situation – Simonelli’s boilers are guaranteed for life.  The
       “user friendliness” of the Aurelia:
1) Auto-Clean Feature –

    a. Just put cleaner into the blind filters and the
       machine automatically runs through its back flush cycle.

2) Smart-Wand Steam System–

    a. Every Aurelia comes with three steam wands, one of which (depending on the version) may be changed             to the Smart-Wand system.

    b. Smart-Wand’s electronics has the ability to recognize and produce either foamed milk or steamed                  milk, depending on the amount of milk put into the pitcher.

    c. The Smart-Wand wand is non-scolding – if you grab the wand while it is in operation, you won’t get               burned.
3) Ergonomically Designed -

    a. The Aurelia is the first espresso machine to been awarded the Ergonomic Certification.

    b. Push/Pull steam handles – steam output from the wand can be at full or feathered with just the flip 
       of a lever.

    c. The port-a-filters handles are regressed to 10.25º.
4) Ease of Programming -

    a. Uses two keys – the “U” and the “T” key

         I. U key is for the programmer – anything can be adjusted with this key.

        II. T key is for the employee – can only access the auditing totals (# of shots per programmable
            button, # cleaning cycles, etc.)

     b. Dosage programming can be either done by setting the CC per button or by physically pulling a shot.

     c. Machine On/Off scheduling

     d. Ability to preset a date for maintenance/water filter exchange.

     e. Programming can be set to recognize if coffee grounds in the port-a-filter are ground too fine or too 
        coarse – one more way to control the final product. 
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Espresso Imports, a MAJOR DISTRIBUTOR for NUOVA SIMONELLI, introduce the newest state-of-the-art machine--the "Aurelia." The Aurelia isn't the evolution of something pre-existing, but the beginning of something more evolved. Beautiful. Extremely functional. Ergonomically superior. There is nothing else like it.

The Nuova Simonelli Aurelia is an engineering marvel and is the only espresso machine designed using computed theoretical models to achieve temperature stability. In order to achieve its high level of temperature stability, every aspect of the machine had to be perfectly balanced and engineered to exacting standards. The result is an amazing and truly remarkable system that self-stabilizes using its own water and a single heat source to maintain thermal equilibrium. 

The Aurelia's scientifically designed brew group weighs over 12 pounds and is a key factor in the machine's temperature stability, and it allows the operator to customize the degree of pre-infusion, brew temperature, and flow rate individually.

The Aurelia is the only machine in the world certified as ergonomic for baristi by the European Institute of Psychology and Ergonomics thanks to its unique push-pull steam levers, wide-angle visual field, exposed group head, soft-touch silicon buttons, and smooth locking portafilters.

Each group head on the Aurelia has a one liter boiler of fresh water on reserve that never comes in contact with a heating element. This eliminates the risk of alkalinity spikes associated with stagnant boiler water in contact with heating elements. Water delivered to the coffee is always fresh, controllable and pH balanced. 

The Soft-Infusion-System  employed by the Aurelia is an innovative pre-infusion system that is adjustable, consistant and has no risk of user error. The Soft-Infusion-System is unique due to the fact that it extracts centrifugally by injecting water at different angles into the coffee cake which eliminates channeling and maximizes espresso extraction by creating more contact time between the water and coffee.

The superior espresso extraction is evident in the cup and to your senses. All of this technology is packed into a machine that delivers high performance, reliability, and withstands the test of time
More reasons to consider the Aurelia
5) Digital Display –

a. A 150 line multi-variable programmable LCD screen is available as an add-on – it’s always pleasant to send your customer a message of daily specials or the like. These are just some of the Aurelia’s    features, with too many more to mention. The Aurelia is available in three different models; “S”, “A”, and “P” - a semi-automatic version, an automatic version and plus version (includes all available   electronics.) The Aurelia is just the top of our vast line of products. We have grinders, dishwashers,
panini machines, ice-cream makers, plus many more items. 
These are just some of the Aurelia’s features, with too many more to mention. The Aurelia is available in three different models; “S”, “A”, and “P” - a semi-automatic version, an automatic version and plus version (includes all available electronics).

The Aurelia is just the top of our vast line of products. We have grinders, dishwashers, panini machines, ice-cream makers, plus many more items.  Nuova Simonelli has a larger factory trained and certified national service network than any other espresso machine manufacturer.
Aurelia “V” Auto with Smart Wand
Aurelia semi-auto
Aurelia “V” Auto with Smart Wand
Aurelia semi-auto
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