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Water Filters and softeners
Water Filters and 
Water Softeners
Water Softeners


water softeners
water softenerswater softenerswater softeners
water softeners
Water Filters
We recommend a high quality water filter system that is specifically designed for espresso machines.  A good filter system will pay for itself many times over through longer machine life and fewer problems requiring service.

There are numerous filter options, depending on a customer's specific needs and volume.
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     Combination Filters/Softeners​

All machines require water that is both softened and filtered for optimal performance and machine longevity. 

Due to these concerns we recommend using our Filter (part# Nuovart06) and Head (part# Nuovart05) seen below. This water system performs four functions with one cartridge: maintaining proper water hardness (softening), taste, odor reduction (carbon filtration), and sediment reduction (filtration).
  Complete Water Systems -
 Filter Head and Cartridge Low/
          Medium Volume

 Filter Head and Cartridge High
Replacement Cartridges
 Low/Medium Volume

High Volume
Low/Medium Volume Cartridge:

Recommended for:
Oscar II (direct connect)
Musica (direct connect)
Appia II Compact
Appia II 1-2 Group

High Volume Cartridge:
All other machines
         KD8 Water Softener

     "Rock Salt" method of 
           water softening.
         High Maintenance
        Water Bottle Pump System

Great for catering businesses, farmer's markets, mobile espresso trucks, or anywhere an espresso machine cannot connect to a direct pressurized water line.

     Water Bottle Pump System